Monthly Newsletter - October 2017

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Every year, approximately 40 million US residents relocate from one location to another, meaning every year 40 million people’s addresses change. Check out our infographic to learn the #1 reason people move, the busiest month for relocating and other US moving trends.

In this month's Meet the Team blog series, we're featuring Tyler Benson. Learn what motivates him, what products are next on the LocateSmarter roadmap and which superhero Tyler repeatedly dressed as for Halloween.


Featured Product: Addresses

Did you know LocateSmarter’s change-of-address product covers 60 months of mover forwarding info as opposed to the 18-month coverage other vendors offer? Learn more about our address products in this PDF.

Famous Leadership Quotes

Monday, October 16 is National Bosses Day.
Check out our marketing manager's 10 favorite leadership quotes.

ACA International

ACA Fall Forum

November 1-3
Chicago, IL

Exhibitor: DJ Perry

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